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ISO 9001:2008 certified submersible pump sets manufacturing company based in India

With a firm commitment to quality, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is engaged in manufacturing UPVC column pipes to provide all the fluid management concerned solution under the one roof. This UPVC column pipe is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride featured with considerable rigidness, degradation resistance and resistance to high temperature variation which make it accountable pipe to use with the submersible pump, unlikely to PVC which is soft and flexible due to the addition of plasticizers. These UPVC column pipes have been configured and manufactured under stringent quality measurements and compliance with IS 4985(2000) standards for its culminating quality and safety quotient.

The grounds behind the qualitative range of our UPVC column pipes are our substantial caution towards its configuration and advanced technology utilization. The UPVC column pipes boast aptitude to uphold extreme movement and system load embracing pump, water and pipe weight, whereas the ingenious configuration helps to minimize loss caused by friction, apparently reduce the expenditure of pumping. These UPVC column pipes are expansively praised in both domestic and international market for sharing enormous advantages, unlikely to metal conventional pipes. Besides, it is elite alternative to MS, PPR, ERW, GI, HDPE and SS Column Pipes too.

The exclusive assets of our UPVC Column Pipes cover:

  • Ensure contamination free context
  • Prevent bacterial growth
  • Non toxic
  • Inert to chemicals and corrosions
  • Virtually no friction loss, hence low cost operation
  • High tensile load capacity
  • No electrical disposition
  • Easy to install due to light weight
  • Non Conductor to Heat-electricity
  • High-speed lowering and pulling of pumps
  • Low installation cost

In order to achieve a high level of trust and credibility by delivering quality in addition to prompt service, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA has stocked huge assortment of UPVC column pipe, where in each pipe is tested for the conformity with quality standards earlier to pack for dispatching. These UPVC column pipes are accessible in light duty, medium duty, standard duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty for variegated needs based upon installation depth measurements. The exclusive traits of entire range are ideal for salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water and thereby recommended to use any of the application incorporating Irrigation, Domestic, Industrial mining, Chemical distribution, etc.

Additionally, bespoke range is also available on request; each is set with international standards in terms of quality and design. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the UPVC column pipes receive domestic as well as international orders with the assurance, prompt delivery of the ordered gamut in a set timeframe.

Pay Attention:

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is a Confidence of customer since 2003 based in India, is manufacturing, supplying and exporting a complete range of submersible pumps considering all your needs that deliver higher output at lower power consumption. Additionally, in order to provide all under one roof experience, introduce an exclusive range of submersible flat cables and submersible motors too.

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