Submersible Pumps India

Submersible Pumps is a value driven organization based on the strong foundations of business ethics, innovation and groundbreaking technology, working zealously to manufacture a range of standardized submersible pumps and motors that surpasses the level of customer satisfaction and hence profitability level of an organization.

The submersible pumps India that we offer incorporate submersible pumps, SS Submersible Pump Sets, Bore Hole submersible pump, Openwell Submersible Pumps, Monoset Openwell Pump and Centrifugal Submersible Pumps, facilitates to generate the required amount of pressure to pump water efficaciously with the minimal energy usage. This range of pumps is an outcome of commitment and the stringent testing regime to comply with industry set measurements.

v3-submersible pump sets manufacturer

Further, We also customizes pumps to the exact requirements of clients in the agriculture, mining, residential, commercial, civil and industrial segments, with a series of efficient, reliable and environmentally accepted pollution control system. Today, We have extravagant fame in the domestic and international market for addressing level best quality in the submersible pumps as well as providing equal quality service and support in all fields of fluid handling.

Our quality controlled and engineered range of submersible pump sets encloses

  • Submersible Pump Sets
  • SS Submersible Pump Sets
  • V3 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V4 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V5 Submersible Pump Set
  • V6 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V8 Submersible Pump Sets
  • Bore Hole submersible pump
  • OpenwellSubmersible Pumps
  • Single Phase Open Well Submersible Pumps
  • Three Phase Open Well Submersible Pumps
  • Monoset Openwell Pump
  • Horizontal Monoset Pump
  • Centrifugal Submersible Pumps
  • Self Priming Mono Block Pump

In order to provide one stop solution, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA also manufacture

  • Submersible Bare Motors
  • Submersible Flat Cables
  • UPVC Column Pipes

Our about to come forth attraction

Solar submersible pumps and motors for both domestic as well as agricultural applications

What makes us best bet?

  • We are trustworthy
  • We keep raising the bar
  • We consistently deliver
  • We succeed together

Submersible Pump application areas

Submersible Pumps provides a range of truly reliable and energy efficient submersible pumps finding its application in different segments covering


We have produced the enduring and reliable range of submersible pumps that are ideal for homes to maintain pressure in the taps and for general application like watering for gardens, sprinklers, cleaning, fountains and high pressure washing purpose.


The specifically designed range of submersible pump for agriculture is absolutely meets the variegated agriculture requirements, be it drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation or watering of the fields.


The rugged construction and energy efficient range of Submersible pumps is suitable for fire fighting, boiler & RO plants, cutting & grinding, heating & cooling, fire fighting, sewage managing applications.

Commercial Buildings

By owing the heavy pressure requirement in the commercial buildings, We have produced a highly competent range of submersible pumps that fits to every commercial building, be it hostels, hotels, schools, colleges, commercials, malls.

Sewage & Drainage

Besides water lifting from borewell, We have configured a special range of submersible pumps that is suitable for draining flooded water from car parks, empty cesspools, basements, to regulating sewage in water treatment plant.

International Range

This is one of the broadest praised ranges of submersible pump manufactured using stainless steel in accordance to the set international standards that complies with application requirement aligned with customers.

Our Designing & Engineering of Submersible Pumps

Our team of designer having the incredible adroitness constantly makes efforts to enhance both quality and design that define the standard of excellence with the help of high tech software covering AutoCAD, Autodesk inventor and solid works. Further, in order to address client stated requirements, our team creates in depth designing, considering the machine requirement, benchmarking and defining requirements, brainstorming, evaluating and selecting the right one.

  • Complete drawings of pumps & systems
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID)
  • 3D models to integrate with client’s model
Submersible Pump For Agriculture

Our Production Process of Submersible Pumps

In order to achieve superiority in every manufacturing submersible pumps India, We have invested a considerable amount to set up in house manufacturing unit armed with top of the line machinery and computerized testing machinery to control the quality of components better. By this means, we boasts absolute control to convey quality in all production functions starting from Mold design of submersible pump to the packing of the same as mentioned below:

  • Constantly adopting new manufacturing practices to enhance quality
  • Adopting contemporary technology to enhance efficiency of the manufacturing process
  • Cutting edge quality control system for incoming and in process scrutiny
  • CNC (computer numerically control) machinery for stator assembly
  • Varnishing of stators with the help of vacuum impregnation plant
  • Rotor brazing with the help of advanced rotor brazing machines
  • A surface treatment process like grit blasting to augment the quality of epoxy coating
  • Accurate rotor grinding to enhance surface roughness finish value
  • Wire coiling is accomplished by a computerized coil winding machine
  • Assembly of components with the highest level of caution to ensure impeccability
  • Painting of pumps carried out as per the company requirement
  • Rigorous online computerized testing of Pump Sets to ensure flawless product
  • The pumps are packed with high extent of care to ascertain perfect condition at all through transportation

Three Exclusive Benefits of the Submersible Pumps India

Our assiduity towards quality and excellence enable us to introduce exclusive features in each that benefits you in terms of


The offered submersible pump range is more efficient as it pumps liquid which is close to pump, unlikely to the conventional pump, thereby it functions less than conventional one. Additionally, this range of submersible pump is competent to detect the level of water effortlessly too.

Noise level

The offered range of submersible pumps are virtually noise free as it is submerged beneath water, wherein the wall of the sump facilitate to soften the sounds caused by a pump. On the other side, the conventional pumps produce more noise as they are placed outside the wells or sumps.


As the entire unit of the offered submersible pumps is placed under water, there are less possibilities of any tampering thus hazardous, in contrast to the conventional one. Thus the higher safety quotient of submersible pumps too makes it the righteous alternative to conventional pumps.

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