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ISO 9001:2008 certified submersible pump sets manufacturing company based in India

To provide one stop solution pertaining to the fluid management, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA has evolved an assorted series of submersible flat cables, made by leveraging the years of experience in the allied domain. The function of these submersible flat cables is to transfer power from a direct power source to submersible. The entire range of offered submersible flat cables is manufactured keeping in mind the functionality of the cables aligned with harsh and difficult context, harsh and difficult conditions in which these cables required to perform impeccably. Further, the offered submersible flat cables are in accordance to the IS 694:1990 standards, which implicitly exudes feature covering safety, reliability and purity.

The individual conductor of this submersible flat cable is made by employing exemplary quality bright electrolytic copper wires, which are drawn annealed and grouped properly with the aid of high tech machinery to ensure considerable resilience and homogeneous resistance. Besides, cross linked polyethylene material featured with excellent corrosion resistance is used for the insulation of the conductors and the external sheath of this submersible flat cable is made of the PVC compound attributing remarkable resistance to grease, oil and water, hence it is preferable to alkaline hard water areas too.

The exclusive assets of our Submersible Flat Cables cover:

  • Ensure safety and reliability span the life
  • Highly resistive to water and moisture
  • Equally resistive to grease, oil and abrasion
  • Remarkable mechanical strength ensure long shelf life
  • Highly flexible due to PVC insulated cooper strands
  • Plastic insulation boasts capability perform smoothly in hazardous condition
  • These submersible flat cables can work for longer period
  • protects against ingression of small, solid outer bodies
  • The competence to perform under high temperature gives higher operational smoothness

We are backed by vast experience and fruitfully offering exhaustive range of submersible flat cables, made by paying highest attention to a safety quotient and stocked for fast delivery, which is examined strictly before dispatching for the delivery. Additionally, a bespoke range is also available on request; each complies with international standards in terms of quality and design. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the submersible flat cables receive domestic as well as international orders with the assurance, prompt delivery of the ordered gamut in a set timeframe.

Pay Attention:

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is a Confidence of customer since 2003 based in India, is manufacturing, supplying and exporting complete range of submersible pumps considering all your needs that deliver higher output at lower power consumption. Additionally, in order to provide all under one roof experience, introduce an exclusive range of submersible flat cables and submersible motors too.

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