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India’s No.1 Openwell Submersible Water Pumps, Open-well Pumps, Open Well Submersible Pump Manufacturer

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is prominent in the domestic as well as international market for propounding a peerless array of open well submersible pumps facile to work efficiently even when fluctuation in a water level is an utmost. This range of pumps operates underneath the water and rests at the bottom of the well, is configured adopting the top of the line technology, which eliminates the requirement of priming and foot valve. On the other side, In order to procure at par hydraulic efficiency, dynamically balanced impeller and dynamically balanced motor are employed, which sequential responsible to ensure free functioning and regulating consistent clearance. To impart rugged and corrosion resistivity to open well submersible pumps, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA derives its selection on well tested stainless steel / cast iron material.

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Our exhaustive range of open well submersible pumps manufacturer undergoes a quality assurance tests during manufacturing, whereas pump acceptance tests are carried out on an end product to authenticate its conformity to the IS: 14220 standards as well as BIS standards. Additionally, our performance test made of measurement of flow, head and input power to the motor help us to address considerable efficiency to the end product is needlessly apparent from the acclamation of bureau of energy efficiency.

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