SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is one of the leading submersible pumps, motors and cables manufacturers in India having ISO 9001:2008 certifications and manufactures BIS certified products, situated in Naroda, Gujarat, India. Since commencing operation in 2003, the endeavors of the SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA in regard to improvement in quality standards and manufacturing process resulted in the thriving success of the SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA in the allied field. But more than this, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA has also embed the flag of success in earning the trust by providing an incredible range of submersible pumps sets that is being lucrative for their business and SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA too, is a result of the exuberant of SUBMERSIBLE trained team, a team that deliriously work to propound innovation at cost efficient rate in the market.

The constant research and development for the manufacturing process to address enhanced quality and accuracy in the every single submersible pump not only acclaimed by the clientele, but also acclaimed by the several government bodies and thereby revered with

  • IS: 8034 for submersible pump set
  • IS: 14220 for open well
  • IS: 9283 for submersible motor

Additionally, for introducing an energy efficient range of the submersible pumps manufacturer, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA has obtained star rating by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) too.

Today, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA owns the colossal set-up line in India as well as in foreign country caters an exhaustive range of submersible pumps india that truly defines quality, performance and reliability which has proved its conformity with all international standards covering ISO as well as CE (European Conformity).


SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA runs the company a bit more collaboratively; hence get a better result as more bandwidth ensures more balance. The team encloses CAD designers, product engineers, technicians, product analyst, marketing personnel and support executive who all work under the congenial working environment willingly.


SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA pursues state of the art architecture at Naroda, Gujarat, India armed with workshop equipped with all the high tech manufacturing machinery that can engineer everything that you are willing to. Further, in house laboratory covered in the same is introduced to all computerized testing machinery so as can stringently check the conformity of every product component and assembly to the set international standards.

To serve energy efficient water lifting solution to the world that saves valuable electrical energy of the respective country, thus become inimitable technical leader in the world of pump.


To win the trust of our customer through providing proven quality, reliability and performance range of submersible pump that exceed the level of individual expectation.

To broaden the global network by appointing local dealers of the respective country to ensure timely support & service worldwide.

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