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Best Manufacturer of V6 Submersible Pumps, V6 Borewell Submersible Pumps, V6 Water Pumps, 6″ Submersible Pumpsets

ISO 9001:2008 certified submersible pump sets manufacturing company based in India

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is a foremost manufacturer company in the pump industry, has grown as the one of the most conventional company in India for rendering technically advanced pumping solutions, introduce V6 submersible pump sets featuring world class quality and excellent energy efficiency, is extensively used for 6” or larger sized boreholes for yielding high amount of water. This V6 submersible pump sets are configured and evolved according to IS: 8034 standard specification and BIS standards. Other than, the best ever efficiency of this pump set accreditation by the bureau of energy efficiency is unspoken evidence of excellence in quality.

These V6 Submersible pump sets are configured with the highest attention towards its impeller and diffuser to consummate noiseless performance and at par efficiency in the pump sets. Besides, to address highest corrosion & abrasion resistance to the end product, the offered V6 submersible pump sets is fully fabricated of top class stainless steel material, thus helps to reduce risk of corrosion even when pumping cold water with a small amount of chloride substance. Additionally, A SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA team of designers, engineers, and product analyst put adequate efforts to oblige international standards all through designing, manufacturing and testing to achieve peerless quality along with low cost equipment.

The exclusive assets of our V6 Submersible Pump Sets cover:

  • Offers outstanding efficiency resulted in low cost operationsubmersible motors supplier
  • Noiseless & vibration free performance
  • Cost efficient solution for the 6” diameter borewell and larger
  • Rugged construction ensures long life expectancy
  • Capable to uphold voltage fluctuation
  • Designed to save electric consumption 20% to 40%
  • Consistent output for years and virtually no maintenance
  • Compact design bestow light weight & easy handling

V6 Submersible Pump Sets Application Area:

Municipal water supply Agricultural Industrial & Mining Farms
Drip & sprinkler irrigation Public water supply high rise buildings pressure boosting installations
water circulation system Gardening Nurseries Hotels

This V6 submersible borewell is designed to match application requirement of 6” or higher diameter borewell having the potentiality to yield 125 LPM to 1500 LPM water. Additionally, by considering the space issue, have evolved threaded V6 submersible pump sets to make it suitable for vertical installation in narrow deep wells, thus have succeeded in establishing a strong niche in the market for propounding beyond compare efficiency at low cost.

Keeping in mind the ever evolving needs of several industries, SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA offers an expansive range of v6 submersible pump sets manufacturer, stocked in large quantity to make it reach promptly to customers. Moreover, is delighted to manufacture a custom product range in accordance to the stated requirement of the individual and application, each is complies with international standards in terms of quality and design. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the V6 submersible pump set receive domestic as well as international orders with the assurance, prompt delivery of the ordered gamut in a set time frame.

Pay Attention:

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS INDIA is a Confidence of customer since 2003 based in India, is manufacturing, supplying and exporting complete range of submersible pumps considering all your needs that deliver higher output at lower power consumption. Additionally, in order to provide all under one roof experience, introduce an exclusive range of submersible flat cables and submersible motors too.

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